Breed Standard

Large Munsterlander
Kennel Club, London 1994
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The Large Munsterlander is a multi-purpose gundog, ideal for the rough shooter. He has an excellent nose, staying power, and works equally well on land and in water. A keen worker, easily taught. 

General Appearance:
Alert & energetic, with a strong muscular body, having good movement with drive.

Loyal, affectionate and trustworthy.

Head & Skull:
Well proportioned to the body, elongated. Skull sufficiently broad, slightly rounded, with no pronounced occiput. Strong jaw muscles, well formed black nose, wide soft nostrils, slight rise from the nasal bone to the forehead but no pronounced stop. Lips slightly rounded and well fitting.

Intelligent, medium size, dark brown, not deep set or protruding. No haw showing.

Broad and set high, lying flat and close to the head, with a rounded tip. Hair on the ears should be long, extending beyond the tip.

Strong and sound, with well developed teeth, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite. i.e. Upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.

(This 5 month old puppy bitch has lovely dark eyes, correct ear placement and has already started growing long hair on her ears, to create a classical head. )

Strong, muscular, slightly arched, joining the shoulder and chest smoothly.

Chest wide and with good depth of brisket. Shoulder laid well back, forelegs straight, pasterns strong.

Firm strong back, short coupled, slightly higher at the shoulder, sloping smoothly towards the croup and tail. Wide well muscled loin. Wide croup. Ribs well sprung, deep and reaching well up to the loins. Taut abdomen, slightly tucked up.

Hips broads. Well muscled thighs, well turned stifles, hocks well let down. Hind dew claws should be removed.

Tight, moderately rounded and well knuckled with dense hair between the toes, well padded. Nails black and strong.

Free, long striding springy gait.    

Well set on, in line with the back. Base thick, tapering evenly toward the tip, well feathered. It should be carried horizontally, curved slightly upwards. Docking of the tip of tail optional.

Hair long and dense, but not curly or coarse. Well feathered on front and hind legs and tail, more so on dogs than bitches. The hair must lie short and smooth on the head.


Colour: (The above dogs are some examples of colour combinations)
Head solid black, white blaze, snip or star allowed. Body white with black patches, flecks, ticks or blue roan, or a combination of these.

Dogs: 60-65cm (23 1/2 -25 1/2 inches)
Bitches: 58-63cm (23-25 inches)

Dogs:    approx 25-29 kg (55-65 lbs)
Bitches  approx 25kg (55 lbs)  

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault, and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

Male dogs should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.


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