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The Large Munsterlander originated in German, and may be traced back to the early 19th century. Once recognised as the black & white versions of the Deutsch Langhaar - German Longhaired Pointer, the Large Munsterlanders history is one of a breed trying desperately to survive, whilst the world around it threatened its extinction.

(Ronija - German Longhaired Pointer owned by Ulrika Larsson - Sweden)

Ravenshead Sacha of Raycris.JPG (33160 bytes)
In 1878 the Deutsch Langhaar breed name was fixed, at this time they decided that the black & white offspring could not be registered. Consequently many black & white puppies were put down at birth, with only a few being allowed to survive, given away to gamekeepers and farm workers. It was with these people that the breed started to gain a following. Several years later the breed club was convinced to readmit the black & whites for registration. A somewhat short lived decision, with them once again being struck off the register in 1908.

Ch Ravenshead Sacha of Raycris (UK) - The first full Champion in the UK


1919 brought about the most significant event in the breed's history. A meeting of supporters of the black and white dogs was held at Haltern im Munsterland Westphalia. At this meeting the breed name of Grosser Munsterlander - Large Munsterlander was fixed, with registration only going to black and white dogs! A register of these dogs was compiled which totalled 83 Large Munsterlanders.

Ch Foxbrae Flora of Ghyllbeck (UK)     

Foxbrae Flora of Ghyllbeck.JPG (31077 bytes)At last the breed seemed to be safe, experimental matings with German Longhaired Pointers during the 1930's took place to increase the gene pool. The numbers of Large Munsterlanders added to the list grew and all looked well......

Unfortunately life took a turn for the worse for the Large Munsterlander as with all the German breeds with the onset of World War II. Many Munsterlanders found themselves in the hands of military personnel, one litter even being whelped by Benno Fisher at the home of Adolf Hitler. Two less than fortunate dogs ended up at Auschwitz. Once again life had tried to eliminate the Large Munsterlander. Records of the breed, matings and kennels during that time are very sketchy, although it is believed that only six kennels survived the war.

Was it not for the efforts of the breeds enthusiasts guided in the breed warden Herr Egon Vornholt, they would surely not have survived. In 1973 the German Longhair was again crossed with the Large Munsterlander to increase the gene pool. In pedigrees the letters DL after a dogs name denotes the dog was a Deutsch Langhaar.

Even now the occasional liver and white puppy will be produced in a litter of Large Munsterlanders, from black and white parents. 

Ch Axel V Esterfeld of Raycris (Imp Gmy (UK))

Axel von Esterfeld of Raycris.JPG (34800 bytes)The first Munsterlander was imported from Germany into the United Kingdom in 1971 by the end of 1972 six bitches (five in whelp) and one dog had made their home in the U.K.. The Large Munsterlander Club in the U.K. was formed the following year in 1973. Although the breed was accepted by the U.K. Kennel Club Challenge Certificates were not on offer to Large Munsterlanders at shows until 1980 at Crufts. The first CC being awarded to Craigburg Baron of Hansmic.

The first Large Munsterlander imported in whelp into New Zealand was Datroy Briarvanter   in 1982 by Mr Dawson. A second bitch in whelp was imported by Mr W. Newport of Ivydale soon after, Foxbrae Jean at Datroy, these bitches and their progeny formed the basis of the breed in New Zealand, with several of the blood lines making their way into Australia.

The first Munsterlander to arrive in Australia in April 1983 was Dawsons Munster Aktiva (Imp NZ). This bitch was imported by Mark Nielsen of Victoria.  She went on to become the first Australian Champion and whelped the first home bred litter to Aust & NZ Ch Everard of Ivydale. From the same litter Dawsons Munster Adrett by Atkinson (NSW) and Dawsons Munster Adel by McLaughlin (Vic) also reached Australia. 

Several English imports followed suit including Ch Raene The Kqrac Falcon (Imp UK) also imported by Viv McLaughlin (Vic), Ch Ghyllbeck Otis QC (Imp UK), Ch Ghyllbeck Pandion (Imp UK) and Ch Raene Passion (Imp UK) by Kathy Seeley (S.A.) and Ch Ghyllbeck Connie by Peter Smith (Vic). 

Ch Barry Vom Entenschnabel JW (Imp Gmy)

In 1988 the first German Import arrived in Australia, Ch Barry Vom Entenschnabel JW (imp Gmy) was brought in jointly by Kathy Seeley and Peter Smith. 

These dogs along with several other dogs from NZ including Dawsons Munster Brav (Imp NZ) & Felicity of Ivydale (Imp NZ) B & B Cornish, Lionesque of Ivydale (Imp NZ) (Lees), Dawsons Munster Briar, Dawsons Munster Burste make up the foundation stock of the breed in Australia.

Very few Large Munsterlanders have left Australia. NZ Ch Seelenmeyer Falcon, NZ Ch Rheinmunst Von Claus (Baker) and Ratek As Good As It Gets (Bennett) have all been exported to New Zealand.  Two of which have made their mark in New Zealand, being used at stud successfully. Ironically all bar one of the imports from New Zealand in the last few years are either sired or grand sired by either NZ Ch Seelenmeyer Falcon (Imp Aus) or NZ Ch Rheinmunst Von Claus (Imp Aus). 

Ch Ratek Lord of the Manor AI (from frozen semen)

Batman.jpg (15928 bytes)Additional bloodlines have also been brought into Australia and New Zealand via frozen semen. Ratek kennels in Victoria (Australia) and Hermes kennels in New Zealand both have brought in frozen semen from the UK. Ratek kennels had the honor of breeding the first litter of frozen semen AI puppies in the world (Eng Sh Ch Thaxmead Lord of the Rings x Aust Ch Lionesque of Ivydale (Imp NZ), there was only one puppy born and he was tragically killed at 8 weeks. In 1993 they again tried using the same dog to Aust & NZ Ch Ratek Lady Tamara, again tragedy struck, this time 6 puppies were produced but Tara was struck down with pneumonia and died only days after the litter was born. The puppies from this litter have gone on to be Ratek kennels most successful dogs next to their mother. Hermes kennels and Ratek kennels both have semen from Ferdi Vom Mareienbrink Bei Raycris (imp Gmy), Hermes kennels have successfully produced two litters from this semen out of NZ Ch Flique Flaque of Hermes ADX.

It was to be several years before new blood was to arrive in Australia, Ch Ghyllbeck Carlina ET (Imp UK) (Pedler & Jarret) arrived in 1993. Ch Raycris Ratek Top Lady (Imp UK) (Lees) (Vic) arrived in 1997. Since then there has been an influx of dogs from New Zealand and another English import. New Zealand has also had several new Imports including Kapp Von Hessenland (Imp Gmy) (Lomas & Lister) of Hermes Kennels, who also gained an  English bitch from Raycris kennels in 2001 Raycris Lexi's Special. With all the new bloodlines combined with some excellent stock from the original lines the breed is set to prosper  in the  coming years. 
                                                                                                                            NZ Ch
Kapp Von Hessenland (imp Gmy)

There are now believed to be over 3000 Large Munsterlanders in existence, world wide, with around 400 in Australia (from 1986 - 2000,  360 Large Munsterlander have been registered in Australia).

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The Munsterlander

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