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What is Agility in Australia?    
Agility is a canine sport where the dog and handler race against the clock to negotiate a sequence of obstacles within a set time. There are three levels of competition starting in novice (10 - 12 obstacles), then open (14 - 16 obstacles) and  finishing in masters (18 - 22 obstacles). As the amount of obstacles increases the rate per metre decreases, increasing the level of difficulty. To obtain a qualification towards a title the dogs must obtain a "clear round" this means they must have no course or time faults.
The obstacles include different types of bar jumps, grouped bar jumps - better known as a "spread"or a "triple" three jumps - two bars and one solid , broad jump (low flat wide jump), hoops, tunnels, see saws, scrambles, dog walk, weaving poles (eight for novice, twelve for open and masters) and a table

The number of obstacles and the rate per metre that must be covered all depends on the class being judged. How a title can be gained is covered in "How titles are gained in Australia". 

The number of Large Munsterlanders training and competing in Agility is ever increasing. Although Munsterlanders take time to "mature" when it comes to the exciting sport it is well worth the wait. Their desire to please you along with their "team spirit" can make this sport a very rewarding pastime. Pictured below are some very successful  Large Munsterlanders.   

Aust Gr Ch Seelenmeyer Fantasia CD ADM ET      Gr Ch Mistypoint Falcons Image CD ADX JD ET


Ghyllperry Princes Blue UD NRD ADM             NZ Ch Flique Flaque of Hermes ADX 

More pictures of Britta:

Britta Tyre Agility.jpg (80556 bytes)     britta spread.JPG (54023 bytes)    britta scramble.JPG (38014 bytes)

Britta's grand-daughter Freya (Aust Ch Mistypoint Double Dare) in training

Freya weaving.JPG (134339 bytes)    Freya jumping.JPG (116304 bytes)

Overseas Large Munsterlanders that participate in agility.

hoganagility.jpg (25187 bytes)      hoganagility1.jpg (9968 bytes)      kel agility.jpg (260037 bytes)

           Ghyllbeck Erynnis (Hogan)                                           Eng Sh Ch Jagerreh Moonshine (Kelsey)
Owned by Nicky Logie (Scotland) Kelsey's photo is from a trial where she placed 10th out of 250. 

Agility clip art courtesy of: 

    K9 Kartoons!


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