Group Munsterlander pictures

These are special pictures  of groups of dogs. Some are owned by me some are taken with dogs of my own, or groups of other peoples dogs together, that the owners have given me to use. If you have a nice group shot of your dogs please send it to me with some details. 

KABM 1.JPG (107903 bytes)  KABM 13.JPG (106240 bytes)

Alex, Marsha, Kyle & Britta     -    photo's taken 2002    -      Marsha, Alex, Britta & Kyle   
"Alex" Aust Gr Ch Mistypoint Black Raven ET, "Marsha" T Ch Mistypoint Black Kite AOC ET,
"Kyle" Aust Gr Ch Mistypoint Falcons Image CD ADX JD ET and their mother,
"Britta" Aust Gr Ch Seelenmeyer Fantasia CD ADM JD ET 

Kyle and Alex 2.JPG (120373 bytes)        kyle & alex rocks.JPG (171279 bytes)        

Kyle and Alex love posing for pictures!

britta & falcon.JPG (55069 bytes)        britta & S.B..JPG (58857 bytes)

Britta with Ch Raene the Kqrac Falcon JW (imp UK)   Britta with Seelenmeyer Dieter in Port Lincoln.
Falcon is owned by Viv McLaughlin                                                                                            

        Jasper & Britta.JPG (45909 bytes)

Britta with Kyle and Britta as a baby with Jasper

    britta & kyle 1.JPG (63991 bytes)        Ivy Majik & Tara.JPG (56574 bytes)

Britta and Kyle relaxing and three of the Lees dogs, Tara, Majik & Ivy at the Adelaide Royal 92.

Cassy, Gos & Otis 1.JPG (52801 bytes) 
 Ch Seelenmeyer Cassandra, Ch Ghyllbeck Pandion (Imp UK) & Ch Ghyllbeck Otis (Imp UK) all owned by Kathy Seeley

Otis, Gos & Becky.JPG (65854 bytes)            Cassy, Jasper & Gos.JPG (46638 bytes) 

Ch Ghyllbeck Otis (Imp UK),                  Ch Seelenmeyer Cassandra, Ch Seelenmeyer Bernstein CD

Ch Ghyllbeck Pandion (Imp UK) &         & Ch Ghyllbeck Pandion (Imp UK) All owned by Kathy Seeley

Ch Raene Passion (Imp UK)                                 except S. Bernstein (B&D Woods)                          

  BARON & MARSHA.JPG (61383 bytes)                          Hana & Benni.JPG (46988 bytes) 

         Dual Ch (O) Seelenmeyer Curt ET                 Vakuna Muncher & Ch Schwarzjager Benni CD
& Mistypoint Black Kite A.O.C ET                                             Owned by J & P Kilby             
Owned by R Kumela                                                                                                 

Rex & Belle.jpg (62357 bytes)

FT Ch Rheinmunst Diamond Ice NRD  & Oakmont Country Belle QC
Owned by M & D Hall



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Please note the pictures I have used are mostly ones that I own, or have taken at shows. Other photos I have been given permission to use (if they were not my photo's) either by having the photo sent to me or copying it from the persons website. There are some photo's of dogs I particularly like that I have also included, if you own these dogs in question and do not wish them to be included please let me know & I will remove the picture immediately. Also if I have included a picture of your dog I have taken at a show and you want it updated with a picture you prefer please send it to me and I will change over the photo.  If I have listed your dogs name in the Roll of Honor and you wish to add a photo e-mail me a jpeg picture or e-mail me for my postal address.   

Should you wish to use any pictures included on these pages (unless you own the dog) please contact me before copying them.  The little "Munster on point"  was created by and is owned by Tracie Edwards. 

All details included in the breed history has been gained from reading many articles, and collating the most common reports. Should you feel you have a more accurate recount of the breeds history please contact me so I can rectify any errors.